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Cynthia Roberts grew up in North Smithfield and returned to the community in 2003 to raise her family. Since putting down roots, she decided to channel her passion for public health by bringing principles from her professional work to North Smithfield. She believes that everyone has their own deep knowledge about how to live well in the place they call home.


Cynthia feels optimistic that North Smithfield can be a place where all people can thrive, contribute to the solutions to today’s most pressing challenges, and live in beauty. Her work with Engage North Smithfield has brought Cynthia fulfilling connections and much hope for the future.

Aleksandra Norton was raised in the Boston area, in addition to having resided in Indiana and Maui, she and her family have made North Smithfield their home for the past ten years.  As a scientist, who studies aging and genetics, and an artist who enjoys capturing the beauty of all things, she was drawn to the question of what environmental and social factors lead to a healthy, and fulfilling life. 


The study of epigenetics and how our environment affects our gene expression was her inspiration to pursue the goals and vision of Engage North Smithfield. Social connection, civic engagement, open space acquisition and healthy food accessibility are just some of her passions.  Aleksandra believes that community is at the center of what makes us resilient and encourages “all” to thrive.

Megan Staples was raised in Rhode Island and has lived in North Smithfield with her family for the past 5 years. With a background in land surveying and land use, she has served on the North Smithfield planning board for two years. Megan currently works as a project manager for a real estate developer in eastern Massachusetts.


Her interests in sustainable and equitable development, ecology, and social cohesion are what brought her to ENS. In her spare time Megan enjoys traveling throughout northern New England, gardening, foraging and botany, hunting and trapping, hiking, swimming and watching her son play hockey. 

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