Our Principles

Diverse, equity-focused, and resident driven: This effort is driven by the community. We center the work on diverse perspectives of people with the least voice in this community.

Healthy community connections: Living in a healthy community is the basis for our wellbeing. We work to foster healthy connections and social cohesion among all residents.

Multiple issues, multiple approaches: We work on diverse, interconnected issues that affect the health and wellbeing of our community. We use innovative and evidence-informed approaches. We value art, the environment, agriculture, food, social/emotional wellbeing, education, and more.

Civic engagement: We aim to promote civic engagement among all residents of all identities, especially those who are marginalized, e.g., People of Color, Indigenous people, youth, elders, people with disabilities, LGBTQ+ people, and people with low socio-economic status.

Creative and evolving movement: Our work is creative and continuously taking shape based on the people, perspectives, and organizational learning within our movement. We evolve, collectively, to reflect what is needed and what works as the strategies and approaches are practiced and evaluated.

Share power to create a new culture: In our process and in our goals for community engagement, we share power and aim to foster a “power with” culture through which we achieve our goals of equity and health.

Fun and Celebration: We gather because we take joy in our shared humanity and we know we are stronger together. We celebrate successes large and small. During the COVID -19 Pandemic we are gathering virtually and occasionally in-person, using social distancing protocols.