Current Events

Rhode Island Foundation Racial Equity Training

September 5, 2020 - September 19, 2020 - October 2, 2020

The Groundwater presentation is a three-hour introduction to racial equity.  By examining characteristics of modern-day racial equity, the presentation introduces particpants to an analysis that many find immediately helpful and revelant. Anybody with an interest in advancing racial equity in Rhode Island should attend. This is an online event, please register via link

Notable Past Events

Community BLM Art Installation

June, 2020 - Great Road, North Smithfield

Community Potluck and Needs Assessment

July, 2018 - Heritage Hall

Community Conversation and NS Comprehensive Plan in Action

 NS Town Planner & Planning Board

June, 2019 - NS Middle School

Community Soup Potluck and Spoken Word

March, 2019 - Primrose Fire Station Community Room

Community Hike with the NS Conservation Commission

May 2019 - Gold Forest Property

Community Education and Conversation Workshop

 NS Energy Infrastructure Development

May 2019 - NS Middle School

Preserve the Forest and Open Space Workshop

NS Heritage Association/Burriville Land Trust

Feb 2020 - Heritage Hall